« Designing Authentic Performance Tasks and Rubrics

Online with Eric Carbaugh

Three sessions via Zoom:

Thursday, September 16, 3:30- 5:00

Tuesday, September 21, 3:30- 5:00

Thursday September 23, 3:30- 5:00

The use of performance tasks offers educators opportunities to assess and facilitate deeper learning through authentic and engaging means. But what are some elements of task design that facilitate true transfer and application of learning? And how can rubrics be used to support student goal-setting, feedback, self-assessment? The format for these topics will be a series of sessions.

Session one will examine characteristics of high-quality performance tasks and projects, including the importance of working backward from worthy objectives that encourage application and transfer of learning.

Session two will explore tools and practices for designing high-quality performance tasks that address these worthy objectives.

Session three will be focused on designing valid and reliable rubrics that can be used to both promote and evaluate learning when using performance tasks or projects.

Cost: $65 each for $175 for all 3 Sessions


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Eric Carbaugh

Dr. Eric Carbaugh is a Professor of Middle, Secondary and Math Education at JMU, ASCD Faculty and author.

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