« Heidi Hayes Jacobs : Curriculum Planning for Reopening

Heidi Hayes Jacobs: Curriculum and Instructional Planning for Return to School, online, July 8, 9:30- 11:30, $25
How can we shape curriculum right now that will best serve our learners for the future? The impact of COVID19 has changed the way we work and live. As we prepare to return to school, front and center are our curriculum choices and the design of learning experiences that will engage our learners. It is incumbent upon leadership to make thoughtful, strategic decisions to support students, parents, and teachers. Dr. Jacobs will offer a framework focused on the contemporary aims of schooling and how that informs the curriculum choices we make: What do we cut out? What do we cut back? What do we consolidate? What do we create? In the forefront of designing engaging learning experiences on-site, online or hybrid, agility will be key. Heidi will engage participants in lessons learned from students, parents, and our professionals to inform these choices and share comparable approaches from districts around the country.

Consider attending with your school planning team and reserving some time afterward for discussion. During the presentation, Heidi will provide guidance for a follow-up planning session. Use the promo code TEAM2020 for a 20% discount when you register a team of 4 or more.

Heidi Hayes Jacobs is
founder and president of Curriculum Designers, providing professional services to schools, organizations, and agencies to create modern learning environments, upgrade curriculum, and support teaching strategies to meet the needs of contemporary learners. Her models on curriculum mapping and curriculum design have been featured in numerous books and software solutions throughout the world.