« From Panic to Practical: Remote Learning Done Right

We are all on-board for better remote everything, so here is the professional learning series to move you from paralysis to awesome teaching and learning. Join Meg Ormiston in the journey from panic to practical real tools, tips, and tricks to tackle remote learning with the least possible stress. The asynchronous sessions are self-paced and filled with opportunities for collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking. Develop best practices to increase student engagement in a remote setting using a combination of digital tools and high leverage instructional strategies. Stop worrying about the things you cannot control and join the fun as we all navigate the new remote learning done right!

Start your sessions as early as August 10, 2020 and complete the work before October 3, 2020 to receive a certificate documenting 10 hours of professional development.

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Our Keynote Speakers

Meg Ormiston

For more than 25 years, Meg Ormiston has been involved in professional development that focuses on changing instructional practice in the classroom. Meg marries her passion for technology with a deep curriculum background and more than 12 years as a classroom teacher. Meg has served as a curriculum coach, school board member, keynote speaker, professional development specialist, and grant facilitation specialist. Meg has also authored five books, written numerous articles, collaborated on professional videos, and participated in many personal learning communities. Meg brings all of this to each professional development session, with a dynamic presentation style and a great sense of humor.