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Leadership Matters: Time for Choir Practice, July 13, noon- 1:00, $25

The phrase, “preaching to the choir” has been commonly used to describe a situation where someone tries to convince you of something you already believe in. As leaders in education, we believe in the importance of cultivating individual and collective responsibility for equity to promote a better school culture and climate. But do we truly understand how our common ideas and strategies may affect faculty, students and staff who identify with a group or culture that has encountered societal issues causing them to feel marginalized and sometimes invisible? Before we can understand others, we need to seek to understand ourselves. Our choir needs practice.

This panel discussion, moderated by Dr. Veleka Gatling, will explore how we authentically and intentionally cultivate individual and collective responsibility for not just equity, but visible equity. In other words, how do we practice and demonstrate what we say we already know? Veleka Gatling is Director of Diversity Initiatives at ODU and a member of VASCD’s Board of Directors. Our panelists (below) will share expertise, experiences, and insights that will take you from ideas to action.


Dr. Kambar Khoshaba, Principal, Western Branch MS, Chesapeake Public Schools

Dr. Casey Roberts, Executive Director, New Horizons Regional Education Centers

JT Taylor, Chief Equity Officer, Purpose Pushers LLC

Alaina Trott, Director of Strategic Initiatives, Chesapeake Public Schools