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The year we’ve had. The past year has changed the way we teach. Teachers and schools have adopted innovative strategies for connecting with students and delivering instruction, and some of those strategies are worth keeping even when in-person learning is the norm. As we return to a new school year, how might we think differently about what students need? Will “learning loss” drive us to place our students on the same old treadmill, adjusted for their starting points and speeds? There are also real “learning gains” that have emerged with some of our learners thriving independently and all of our teachers garnering digital design skills and outreach. Our ongoing communication with parents has had a profound increase. How do we capitalize on those gains?

Focus for the session.

  • Curriculum Design Choices: How do we know what to cut out? Cut back on? Consolidate? Keep? Create? This first part of our session explores becoming more deliberate in planning a streamlined curriculum that encourages students to dive deep into the things that are most important
  • Structural Design Choices: How can we adapt our structural formats of schedule, space, grouping of students, and use of personnel in response to what our students need most? This second part of our session focuses leadership to reconsider structural format to support a responsive learning environment.

What you can expect.

  • On April 14 our morning session with Heidi Hayes Jacobs and Allison Zmuda will be a blended learning professional development experience — live TED Talk-style keynotes with opportunities for interaction — to actively engage participants and provide a tool for sustaining efforts in your school or district. You’ll be introduced and gain access to an asynchronous “learning set” designed by Heidi and Allison specifically for our group.
  • Between April 14 and June 9 we invite you to engage with the learning set to find supports and resources that will extend the learning and support your planning process.
  • On June 9 from 3:00- 4:00 we’ll reconvene for debriefing and conferencing time. We’ll offer those who have attended both sessions the opportunity to continue in a PLC-type group to share ideas and resources over the coming weeks.


Our Keynote Speakers

Heidi Hayes Jacobs

Dr. Heidi Hayes Jacobs is internationally recognized for her seminal work in contemporary curriculum design, vertical mapping and modernizing responsive school environments. She prizes her work directly with schools in all settings of every kind, whether public, private, secular, sectarian, on-site, or virtual. Dr. Jacobs’s models on curriculum mapping world are the basis for software solutions used throughout the world. Dr. Jacobs is engaged in projects with a wide array of both national and international organizations and companies. The author of thirteen books including the best-selling Bold Moves for Schools: How We Create Remarkable Learning Environments (ASCD) with co-author, Marie Alcock. Dr. Jacobs is fully engaged in how professionals, learners, and families can make choices to best prepare students for the future. Her current area of focus is a collaboration with Allison Zmuda on developing tools and approaches on how to move forward post-pandemic with fresh approaches and building on lessons learned.


Contact Info: heidi@curriculum21.com /Twitter: @heidihayesjacob

Learn more about Heidi Hayes Jacobs here

Allison Zmuda

Allison Zmuda is a national and international education consultant specializing in long-term projects on curriculum, assessment, and instructional designs. She works with her clients to imagine learning experiences that are worthy of the pursuit for both students and educators, designing work that is relevant, meaningful, challenging, and appropriate. In addition to her consulting work, she has co-authored 11 books and is actively working on a 12th book on curriculum design and personalized learning with Heidi Hayes Jacobs.

She also continues to develop digital content — digital toolkits with Bena Kallick that provide practical and powerful suggestions for Habits of Mind and Personalized Learning, asynchronous professional development courses with Heidi Hayes Jacobs, and crafting new ideas and curating voices of other educators on learningpersonalized.com.

Allison lives in Virginia Beach, VA. You can follow Allison on Twitter (@allison_zmuda), Facebook, LinkedIn, or reach her via e-mail at allison@allisonzmuda.com.

Learn more about Allison Zmuda here