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Register - February 29, Zoom

Our TIPS Conference is geared to meet the immediate demands of our current reality!

In this virtual conference (9am-12pm), participants will gain knowledge, skills, and dispositions necessary to bridge academic gaps; create routines, procedures, and structures for effective discipline practices designed for specific student behaviors in their schools and classrooms; and, design and implement the systems needed to effectively lead, govern, and manage an organization through the lens of instruction, discipline, and attendance in 2024 and beyond.

  • Tiered Instruction: meeting each student where they are and differentiating instruction to extend those who are ready and support those students who are struggling to stay on target.
  • Tiered Practices: intentionally creating a learning environment - in the classroom and school building - with a focus on routines, procedures, and discipline to support students and teachers.
  • Tiered Systems: creating the necessary structures and programs that allow for disciplinary practices to be supportive, attendance support procedures to target chronic absenteeism, and central support leadership that provides schools with the resources necessary to do their jobs effectively.


  • Opening Moves and Keynote Address from Cathleen Beachboard and Rashard Wright (40 minutes)
  • Two concurrent choice sessions (45 minutes each)
  • Closing Moves and Reflection (20 minutes)
  • There will be 10 minute breaks in between each session

Join us for an amazing chance to learn, teach, lead, and connect!

If you are registering a group, contact Kay Carbaugh at vascd.kaycarbaugh@gmail.com. We’ll see you soon!