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VASCD has developed a set of micro-credentials to advance teaching skills that promote deeper learning among students and align with the Profile of a Virginia Classroom. We currently have 17 micro-credentials which we plan to make available in increments over the course of the next year.

Our first set of micro-credentials includes these skills related to learning-oriented classroom communities:

  • ​Facilitating Respectful Student-to-Student Conversations.
  • Building Classroom Community.
  • Building Students’ Academic Discussion Skills.
  • Incorporating Peer Review and Feedback.

Enrollment in these micro-credentials is open through March 10!

Micro-credentials are performance assessments of specific skills that are demonstrated through teachers’ professional practice. They can be valuable professional development experiences:

** for individual teachers, particularly those who consistently demonstrate proficiency on the standard teacher evaluation measure and desire documentation of advanced skills;

** at the school level, to support a school improvement goal or team/department initiative; or

** at the division level, to build teacher capacity in targeted skills aligned with deeper learning for students.

To earn a micro-credential, teachers complete a performance task and submit evidence of proficiency that meets the criteria specified on a rubric. Optional resources and feedback are provided to help teachers prepare to complete the performance task.

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Why micro-credentials?

How does it work?

Time, Credit, and Cost

To enroll as an individual, use this form.
To enroll a group from your school or division (i.e. a “bundle” of micro-credentials), contact Beverly Winter (434.466.7466 or bev@vascd.org

Direct questions to Laurie McCullough at laurie@vascd.org