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​Self-directed and Personalized

VASCD Micro-credentials are for TEACHERS who:

  • want professional learning that is about more than counting points and checking boxes.
  • can make choices and be self-directed in their learning.
  • are ready to complete a performance assessment of a challenging skill and submit evidence for external assessment.

VASCD Micro-credentials are for SCHOOL DIVISIONS where:

  • deeper learning for all students is a priority.
  • even the best teachers’ continuous learning is valued.
  • teachers serve as important models and mentors for colleagues.
  • incentives or recognition exists for teachers whose skills are externally validated.

A micro-credential is a performance assessment of a skill related to the Profile of a Virginia Classroom. These skills are selected because they promote deeper student learning and align with the Profile of a Virginia Graduate. To earn a micro-credential, the teacher completes a job-embedded performance assessment, demonstrating competence in the skill through evidence collected in the course of regular instruction.

VASCD micro-credentials have three parts:

1. a short narrative in which the teacher responds to a set of focus questions.
2. one or more activities, typically extending over the course of multiple lessons, in which the teacher demonstrates the skill and collects the required evidence.
3. a narrative in which the teacher responds to a set of reflection questions.

Getting Ready
A micro-credential is not a course, and there is not an instructor. Teachers review the success criteria, determine their ability to meet those criteria, and seek out and choose the learning opportunities they need in order to be ready. Learning resources are provided, but are optional. Teachers may use these resources as they prepare for the activity; they may also choose to enlist support from a colleague or they may choose to participate in an event such as a webinar, class, or conference. Learning is encouraged! At the same time, teachers who are already competent in the skill may decide to dive into the activity without accessing learning resources. This is up to the individual teacher.

Getting Feedback
An external assessor uses a rubric to provide descriptive feedback after each part of the work (1-3 above) is submitted. Evidence that does not meet criteria can be resubmitted based on the feedback.

The Skills (click here for descriptions)

  • Creating a Performance Assessment Blueprint
  • Designing a Rubric
  • Incorporating Peer Review and Feedback.
  • Facilitating Respectful Student-to-Student Conversations
  • Building Classroom Community
  • Building Students’ Academic Discussion Skills

Our micro-credentials are currently available for enrollment, and teachers have 3 months from the month of enrollment to submit their work. Participants register through VASCD and access their micro-credentials via Virtual Virginia.

Enrollment fees are used to train and compensate external assessors and to support continued development, design, and validation of our micro-credentials.
Click here for individual enrollment ($120)
For “bundled” enrollments for a school or school division ($1000 per ten enrollments), please contact Bev Winter at 434-466-7466 or bev@vascd.org.

If you have questions or would like to schedule a micro-credential orientation session for a group from your school division, contact Laurie McCullough at laurie@vascd.org.

NOTE: Once you have enrolled in a Micro-Credential you may transfer the enrollment to another teacher, but we will not be able to issue a refund.

Direct questions to Laurie McCullough at laurie@vascd.org