Several standing committees manage aspects of VASCD's ongoing work.

The PROGRAMS Committee

  • leads the Board’s thinking about the design and delivery of cutting-edge programs.
  • provides feedback to staff about professional learning needs in the field.
  • coordinates VASCD’s Awards program.

The ADVOCACY Committee

  • develops positions and documents that guide student-centered advocacy efforts.
  • informs policymakers about key educational issues.
  • partners with other state organizations and governmental entities to influence education policy.

The CONFERENCE Committee

  • plans all aspects of VASCD’s flagship event, Annual Conference.
  • provides on-site management of Annual Conference.
  • reviews conference evaluations as a basis for continuous program improvement.

The GOVERNANCE Committee

  • identifies potential vacancies on the Board and assists with recruiting candidates.
  • prepares the slate of candidates and oversees elections and appointments of Board members.
  • recommends areas and activities for Board development.

The RESOURCE Committee

  • prepares the annual budget.
  • reviews income and expenditure accounts and ensures responsible accounting practices.
  • recommends and implements investment strategies to secure VASCD’s financial stability.


  • publishes the annual VASCD Journal.
  • recommends strategies and channels for communications with members and non-members.
  • assists staff with the design of materials.

*The Programs, Advocacy, and Conference Committees include members who do not serve on the Board. We welcome and thank all Committee members for their contributions.