Welcome to the VASCD Journal, the Commonwealth’s peer-reviewed professional publication. The Journal is published annually. Articles span both research and practice while highlighting innovative practices in Virginia schools. Past issues can be accessed below.

Interested in writing for the 2020 issue?

Typically the annual VASCD Journal highlights innovative classroom and school practices. This year, the theme of “innovation” takes on new meaning as educators are being asked to support students remotely using a variety of techniques as they acclimate to this unprecedented educational landscape. To recognize, celebrate, and showcase how educators are adapting and thriving in this current reality, the VASCD Journal seeks articles detailing successful remote teaching implementations. These submissions could highlight the work of individual educators, schools, or districts across all subject areas and topics. In addition to sharing your stories, we’d also love to hear what lessons are being learned that could continue to support student learning once schools reopen their doors. What instructional approaches, assessment strategies, or professional development offerings could be used “as is” or modified when face-to-face learning resumes?

Some possible topics include:
* Adjustments or modifications to existing curriculum.
* Innovative instructional approaches with or without the use of technology.
* Assessment strategies that…
...provide consistent, ongoing feedback to students;
...are passion-driven or personalized;
...promote opportunities for deeper learning; and/or,
...replace or augment traditional grading practices.
* Strategies to support the social-emotional needs of students (or teachers) during these uncertain times.
*Wrap-around supports for students and families.
*Professional development that capitalizes on the flexibility of a remote learning environment.

Manuscripts are due August 1 and should be sent to our Editor, Eric Carbaugh, at

Because the VASCD Journal is published in an online format, authors are encouraged to include videos, hyperlinks, podcasts, audio or animations to enhance their articles.

Manuscripts should, as closely as possible, follow format and reference guidelines outlined in the Publication Manual of the American Psychology Association (APA). Include your professional title(s), workplace(s), email address(es), and a one to three sentence summary. If accepted, we will request author photos and brief biographies to be submitted.

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